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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Your puppy's experiences in the first few months are crucial in ensuring solid foundations for a happy life together.


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Just A Few Of The Problems We Can Address



Destructive Behaviour

Constant barking

Jumping Up At Visitors


House Training Issues

Lead Pulling

Ignoring Requests

Poor Recall

Separation Anxiety

Excessive Guarding

A Little Bit On Our Puppy Training

Puppies are little sponges, eager to learn but unaware of how we would like them to behave in our human world.

This is why enjoyable, well managed and designed puppy training, early in their life, is so important in order to ensure your puppy learns everything we need them to learn, right from the off, and enjoys the learning process.

All training follows positive reward based methods that is enjoyable for the dog and enhances the relationship between the dog and owner.

I provide these classes in the relaxed comfort of your own home.

If you require a group training class please click here.

Being in your home means we can use your dog's own bed, crate, garden and toys to put the training into real life scenarios, all fit around your schedule.

Private puppy training can cover you throughout puppyhood to ensure you have a well rounded, well behaved and happy adult dog.


If your puppy is already displaying specific behavioural issues which are not covered under the puppy training list below please see 121 behaviour training.


About Me

It is important that you know who will be working alongside you and that you can feel confident in their abilities so I'll give you the lowdown on why I'm the right person to help your dog.

I am a qualified and accredited Behaviourist and was a senior handler at the UK's largest dog charity, Dogs Trust.

During this time I was incredibly lucky to work alongside top behaviourists and hundreds of dogs including those with some of the most severe fearful behavioural issues.

These range from rescued laboratory Beagles who had never seen the outside world, to suspected fighting bait dogs, understandably struggling with extreme fear and aggression. This afforded me invaluable experience in how to build a dog's self-esteem and trust so that they can cope better with triggers in the outside world.  


  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - L5 Behaviourist

  • BSc (Hons) - Animal Behaviour & Welfare

  • FdSc - Animal Behaviour

  • Scentwork UK - Qualified Instructor

I look forward to meeting you and your dog and us starting the journey to a happier home life for all of you, together.


121 puppy training

GOLD Package

4 weeks - £75

Puppy training in the comfort of your own home for those that prefer a personal service to work around their own schedule.

The Gold package includes:

- 1x 121 2 hour in person training session

- Twice weekly email support for 4 weeks

- A personalised training plan

Gold Pups covers the basics you will need for the first few months of owning your puppy: 


- Suitable equipment​

- Housetraining​

- Mouthing​

- Basics including sit and down​

- Recall

- Lead walking​

- Socialisation

​- Crate training

- Coping alone


Suitable for puppies aged between 8 and 12 weeks.

PLATINUM package

12 weeks - £200

The Platinum private puppy training sessions will equip you with everything you need to know to ensure a well behaved, confident and happy adult dog.

The Platinum package includes:

- 3x 121 2 hour in person training sessions

- Twice weekly email support for 4 weeks

- A personalised training plan

Covering everything from when you first bring your puppy home up until the difficult adolescent years up until adulthood: 


- Rapid recalls with distractions

- Loose lead

- Appropriate socialising​

- Leave it

- Grooming and vet handling

​- Focus and engagement

- Separation training

- Chewing and destruction

- Settle on a mat out and about

For puppies aged between 8 weeks and 6 months of age.

121 puppy behaviour training

GOLd package


4 weeks - £160

The Gold package is designed to tackle any range of behavioural issues from reactivity to separation anxiety and generalised anxiety. 

The Gold package includes:

- Initial call to discuss your dog's needs

- Behaviour questionnaire analysis

- Veterinary liaison (if needed)

- 1x 2.5 hour 121 in person session in your own home

- 1x 30 minute support call

- Twice weekly email help for 4 weeks

- A bespoke training plan



I had a puppy training session for my 9 week old pup today with Rachael and it was fantastic I would certainly recommend it for any new puppy owners. She was able to provide some really great advice and within just an hour was able to cover a number of different commands which he responded so well to. Having felt a lot of worry since we picked him up about whether we were doing things right, Rachael was able to provide a lot of comfort and encouragement and also suggested a number of tweaks to how we were currently doing things to help us keep him settled and happy. I am having a peaceful evening now with a very tired little pup!

Thank you so much.

Emma, Langho

Hopefully you have enough information to help you and your puppy advance to our training packages.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch

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