Meet Rachael.

Hello there!,

It is important that you know who will be working alongside you, and that you can feel confident in their abilities, so I'll give you the lowdown on why I'm the right person to help your dog.

As a qualified and certified Behaviourist and Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer I have the accreditations needed to work with complex behavioural issues rooted in anxiety.


Additionally, 10 years of dog training including as a senior handler at the UK's largest dog charity Dogs Trust, means I also have the much needed hands on experience of assisting hundreds of dogs with all kinds of behavioural issues, and of puppy hand rearing from birth to adulthood. 

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As a strong advocate of rescue and having fostered several complex case dogs you can be sure that your dog's anxiety will be understood.


My own rescue Podenco, Pablo, a Spanish hunting sighthound came with issues around guarding resources such as food and toys, and being left alone, so I can empathise with, and understand the anxiety that comes with owning a dog with challenging behavioural problems.


I found that the majority of dog trainers would not take on separation anxiety cases themselves and after working through it with my own dog and recognising just how life changing the process is, I decided to specialise in this area to help other dog owners, like you.


  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - L5 Behaviourist

  • BSc (Hons) - Animal Behaviour & Welfare

  • Cert. Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

  • FdSc - Animal Behaviour

  • Scentwork UK Instructor

I look forward to meeting you and your dog and us starting the journey to a happier home life for all of you, together.