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Hi, I'm Rachael


Rachael Claire a dog Behaviourist with her separation anxiety dog

My values.

Training which is kind, ethical and effective is my number 1 priority - with dogs and their owners. I will never make you feel guilty, responsible or embarrassed about your dog's behaviour.


I only work with 10 clients at a time so that you and your dog get weekday  1-2-1 time from me. You will never have to feel stuck or lost on my programme.

Dogs Trust Behaviourist with rescue dog


They say it takes 10,000 hours, which equals around 10 years, to become an expert. 

Dog training has been my career and life for 12 years now. In each setting I have trained hundreds of anxious dogs. This includes as a kennel manager, rescue centre Behaviourist and 5 years in my own business.

Fostering and adoption is also important to me, and many rescue dogs have come through my home for real life experiences out of kennels. Living with anxious rescue dogs, including my own - Pablo, provides incomparable experience.


Continuous Personal Development is critical for being a top Behaviourist. New studies and techniques are emerging all the time, and keeping on top of them is essential.

- PG Cert Clinical Animal Behaviour

- BSc Animal Behaviour

- Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviourist

- Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

Puppy trainer Rachael Claire training a puppy
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