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Ethical, effective behaviour training in
the Ribble Valley

Is sharing your home with a dog who struggles with behavioural issues causing you daily stress? I understand because I have lived with and trained many. 

If your dog is causing anxiety, family tension and feelings of hopelessness, keep reading!

Behavioural issues such as aggression and anxiety require an experienced, qualified and ethical Behaviourist. If anyone has recommended you use any form of punishment from collars to shouting at, physically moving or dominating your dog - run in the opposite direction!

Anxious dogs need understanding, not further stress.

Rachael Claire dog Behaviourist with her dog, Pablo

What behaviours can I help with?

- Separation anxiety

- Aggression around resources such as food bowls, chews, sofa, bed

- Stranger reactivity or aggression

- Handling/vet/grooming aggression

- Generalised anxiety

- Noise sensitivity

- Excessive barking

- Lead pulling 

- Car phobias

**I am currently not taking on cases of dog reactivity

***Please note I only cover the Ribble Valley area and nearby surrounds.


About your bespoke programme...

I come to you for the sessions so that your dog can feel as comfortable as possible during the session. For very anxious dogs we spend the first half of our initial consultation ensuring they are comfortable in my presence before I enter your house.

A bespoke training plan will be sent to you after our initial consultation for you to refer to, and after each follow up I will update it as we go along. Our follow ups allow us to put the training into practice and so that we can monitor their progress together.

Throughout the programme you get unlimited help via WhatsApp each weekday. So if you want to make a group with your dog's name and all of your household members so that we can share videos and progress, that's encouraged!


Schedule your free 20 minute Discovery Call so that we can get to know each other. 


This also gives you the chance to have any queries answered and to make sure that you and your dog want to work with me.


Book your Platinum programme and your initial consultation via the online booking system.


Send your vet my referral form and fill in your discovery questionnaire before the initial consultation


We have our initial consultation at your house where we will talk through your dog's emotions and behaviour in detail.

I will then give you simple fixes that you can implement straight away to make life easier.


Weekly follow up sessions are scheduled to practice the exercises together.

In the meantime you have unlimited WhatsApp help and video analysis .

Platinum Programme

8 week programme - 4x 1-2-1's

1 dog - £447/Multi-dog £597

- Initial consultation at your house (1.5-2 hours)

- Vet liaison

- 3x follow up sessions to practice training

- Bespoke step-by-step training plans

- Weekday text support

- Weekday video analysis

- Emotional support and encouragement


Gold Programme

4 week programme - 2x 1-2-1

1 dog - £147/Multi-dog £247

- Initial consultation at your house (1.5-2 hours)

- Vet liaison

- 1x 1 hour follow up session 

- Bespoke step-by-step training plans

- Weekday text support

- Weekday video analysis

- Emotional support and encouragement


Dachshund dog doing separation anxiety traininig

Hannah & Dave, Winnie's parents

We are SO glad we found Rachael, from our very first phone call we knew we had found the right person. Rachael listened to our issues with no judgement and instantly made us feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel - and there was!


Rachael gave us a detailed training plan with step-by-step strategies. The plan was easy to understand and the exercises actually became fun to do, it was amazing to watch Winnie's behaviour change in response to the training. We noticed results after the very first session. Rachael is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and above all, kind and ethical in her training style. She has been there every step of the way in the months we have been working with her, through all the highs and the lows and I have really valued her support! Thank you, Rachael!

Veterinary Referral


All owners signing up for behavioural help must have a referral form completed by their veterinarian. This will be forwarded to you upon booking.


This may mean you need to visit with your dog to have an examination. This will be at the discretion of your veterinarian according to when you last visited and the nature of your last visit.

Underlying illness can hinder progress of a behaviour programme and is a common driver of behavioural problems; your dog should have an examination to include a pain screen, orthopaedic examination, check ears, eyes and all vital signs.

Insurance Claims


If you are planning on claiming for behaviour support through your insurance company you must check this first prior to placing a booking as there are un-refundable charges during the booking process. You must check this, your veterinary surgeon cannot do this for you.

Not all insurance companies will pay out for behaviour and those that do might have restrictions, such as, the professional being a member of a specific organisation.

It is vital you check this first with your insurance company and read the refund policy prior to booking. Should you wish to make a claim to recoup your fees this has to be processed through your veterinary surgery.

My accreditations and professional memberships can be found in my footer and on my About page.

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