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Join the exclusive separation anxiety membership

If you live with a separation anxiety dog you're already a part of a secret society

(one that admittedly no-one wanted to join!)

So why not join a club that you do want to be a part of? if you...

are looking forward to leaving your house whenever you please again

can't wait to go out for spontaneous drinks and coffees

dream of seeing your dog chilling on camera when you leave

would love to connect to other people who totally get it too

can't wait to leave your anxiety at the door

I have created a world where all of the above is possible.


Welcome to The Clingy Dog Club!

Whether you have a...

velcro Vizsla, a Sighthound who is a shadow, a clingy Cockapoo, a door-dashing Dachshund or a Beagle who blocks your exit

The Clingy Dog Club is your sanctuary! where...

Owners like you can connect with others who are in the same boat

You can learn how to effectively treat your dog's separation anxiety once and for all

We celebrate successes (no matter how small they may seem to others not in the know!)

You feel safe to vent your frustrations of living with a dog who is making your world feel small



The Clingy Dog Club is not like all of the other training groups...

COMMUNITY - Our number 1 focus is creating a supportive, understanding society of like-minded, clingy dog owners

HAPPY HOUR - Join our casual monthly happy hour with a glass of wine and a chance to celebrate wins and vent frustrations

SELF-PACED - Work through the training modules at your own pace with 24/7 access to video, workbook and audio content

1-2-1 - Get answers to your burning clingy dog questions through the group and live Q&A sessions

DEEP DIVE - Get the chance to jump in the hot seat to practice a training session together for the rest of the club



I know what it is like owning a separation anxiety dog, I live with one too!

Do not feel guilty for owning a clingy dog, it is not your fault!

But it is absolutely possible to ethically and kindly treat separation anxiety.

Joining the Clingy Dog Club will give you the expert level understanding

of your velcro dog that you have been trying to gain all this time.

The Clingy Dog Club is for separation anxiety dog owners AND new puppy parents. If you feel like you have tried everything, you haven’t tried joining a supportive community of clingy dog owners run by a Behaviourist and separation anxiety expert. We’re all in it together and know how you feel. Your story will resonate with everyone. You want the very best for your dog but also want your freedom back. I can help you get there.

Unlock instant access to…


  • Monthly themes covering all areas of dog behaviour and wellbeing with live guest expert speakers covering topics like:

    • Tips to calm down your crazy clingy dog

    • Super simple training for dogs who lose it when the doorbell goes

    • Ensuring you are feeding your dog a tip top diet

    • Getting through adolescence with your sanity in tact

  • An ever-expanding library of training content including video tutorials, workbooks and training plans (VALUE £275)

  • An end of the month ‘Happy Hour’ where we have a drink together so you’re not missing out on any more socialising 

  • A trainer in your pocket – access to your modules, private community and recordings whenever you need it

  • Exclusive, supportive community – connect with other clingy dog parents so you won’t feel as alone

  • Monthly Q&A sessions where you can have any questions answered

  • Deep dive sessions where we practice and watch a separation training session with 1 member (VALUE £120)

  • And so much more!



For access to ALL of this invaluable content for a fraction

of the cost of a Behaviourist…

Join the waiting list and be the first to know when the doors open.

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