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Separation Anxiety Masterclass 

Learn all about the Three Step System that will change you and your dog's life

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Want to know how dogs worldwide have gone from not coping on their own for seconds to being home alone and chilled for hours? Then join the separation anxiety masterclass NOW!

Inside the Masterclass you will discover...

What works and what doesn’t in the most simple way possible. 

I know that every day you’re being bombarded with advice on how to 'fix' separation anxiety from friends, family, armchair experts and dog trainers.

And unfortunately the vast majority of it is poor and even damaging advice. Damaging for your dog's mental health and also yours. Because every time something new doesn't work you lose even more hope that anything will work.

I have worked with dogs for over 10 years and studied behaviour at degree level for 5, but more importantly I've done all of the trial and error on separation anxiety and I KNOW this way is the only way.

And that's why I put together this masterclass. To help dogs and their owners like you get their lives back once and for all.

Get the results you have been looking for

The Masterclass is a concise lowdown on understanding, starting and troubleshooting separation anxiety training. What is covered:

  • What is separation anxiety?

  • Why does your dog have it?

  • Separation anxiety training myth busting

  • How the training works

  • How to start off the training

  • How to progress effectively

  • All about the Three Step System

  • Free first training plan and video demo

  • Case studies

  • Troubleshooting

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