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1-2-1 Ribble Valley puppy training

The first few weeks of your puppy's life are critical for ensuring that they grow to be a well-rounded, confident and happy adult dog.

Conflicting advice on the internet, and from friends and family, can make navigating this critical period feel overwhelming. So getting a qualified Behaviourist on board to help at every step is the sure-fire way to hit every milestone with confidence.

Please note that there is a waiting list for in person training. If you are bringing a puppy home in the near future please get in touch.

Puppy trainer Rachael Claire training a puppy
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About your programme...

Training dogs never needs to involve 'dominating' or punishment of any kind. Puppies don't know right from wrong, and it is up to us to teach them in as kind a way as possible how we would like them to behave using positive reinforcement techniques.

The puppy training programme targets every milestone including a plan for EVERY DAY of their first 7 days at home. ​

What we cover:

- Coping alone and separation anxiety prevention

- Crate training and night time 

- Housetraining 

- Enrichment and play

- Socialisation

- Sit, down and go to your mat

- Lead walking

- Recall

- Mouthing and chewing

Your bespoke puppy programme

8 weeks - £380

- Fortnightly 1 hour training sessions

- Training plans

- Weekday text support

- Weekday video analysis

- Email resources and handouts

- Emotional support and encouragement


Separation anxiety puppy training plan
Separation anxiety puppy training plan

"Puppy training for my 9 week old pup with Rachael was fantastic"

I would certainly recommend it for any new puppy owners. She was able to provide some really great advice and within just the first hour was able to cover a number of different topics which he responded so well to.


Having felt a lot of worry since we picked him up about whether we were doing things right, Rachael was able to provide a lot of comfort and encouragement and also suggested a number of tweaks to how we were currently doing things to help us keep him settled and happy. I am having a peaceful evening now with a very tired little pup! Thank you so much.

Emma, Charlie's Mum

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