I understand that needing a Behaviourist for your dog can feel overwhelming, upsetting and anxiety inducing. My role however is not just to train dogs, I also offer emotional support and coaching for owners too. Positive reinforcement is not just something that I use with dogs! 

Due to the programmes being personal and with ongoing support I take on a very small number of clients at one time.  For this reason I am currently only able to take on separation anxiety and reactivity cases and am operating a waiting list of around 10 weeks. A consistent effort to undertake the training regularly is essential to ensure that we get the most out of the programme and can measure results.

For dogs under 6 months of age requiring puppy basic training please visit the puppy training page.



8 weeks - £450

The Reactivity Programme offers 8 weeks of unrivalled 121 coaching and support. 

Each follow up session is carefully designed using a stooge trigger at a reactivity free distance. This allows us to begin changing your dog's emotional response without causing fear or reactivity whilst teaching them an alternative behaviour.

 Step 1: Discovery Call  


Book in your free 20 minute Discovery Call where we will discuss your needs, goals and how I can help you to achieve them

 Step 2: Initial Consultation  


The initial consultation allows us to go through your Discovery Questionnaire in detail, have a good chat about your dog's issues and assess videos of the behaviour.


The consultation is conducted remotely in the majority of cases. This is because we want to avoid 'the stranger effect' where your dog will either be on their best behaviour as a visitor has come round and we won't see the issues anyway, or they will be upset from the off. We want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible without instigating the behaviours artificially, this is why capturing on video works much more effectively overall.


I work on a veterinary referral basis only which enables me to work alongside your vet to diagnose and treat your dog's issues. Therefore, prior to the consultation I liaise with your vet to obtain your dog's medical records and to ensure a recent vet check has been completed.

You will then be provided with some simple techniques to apply to you and your dog's life to start to alleviate the issues and reduce stress before the training session.

 Step 3: Follow up sessions  

Once your training plan has been designed we can then start putting it into practice. Three sessions is the baseline so that we can keep momentum and see results each time. Please note that for complex cases of aggression and anxiety follow up sessions will be needed as several months of training will be necessary. 

What you receive:

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Bespoke training plan

  • Vet liaison

  • 3x 60 minute training sessions over 8 weeks

  • Ongoing support via email/text/phone