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Scientifically proven separation anxiety training.



Opening your camera app when you're out and about and seeing your dog chilling by themselves.


I know what you're thinking... my dog could never do that.


The dog in the video really is my separation anxiety dog, home alone. And there is no reason why with the right help your dog can't do it too.

Separation anxiety is very treatable, no matter what you might have heard.



Living with a dog with separation anxiety makes you feel trapped in your own home. I know because I have been through it with my own dog and hundreds of my clients' too.

There is anxiety involved for all parties; not just your dog, which is why I'm here throughout your 1-2-1 programme to guide you through the steps towards your dog's recovery and to offer a shoulder when you need it.

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Separation anxiety dog training app

How do I know if my dog has separation anxiety?

Filming your dog when you are out of the house is essential so that we can monitor any anxiety behaviours.


Common symptoms that a dog is not coping alone include:

Vocalising such as howling or crying


Attempts to escape




Pacing and dashing around


Your dog does not have to display all of these signs to have separation anxiety, in fact they may only display one consistently throughout their alone time. This is why we have to be filming each absence as many of the common behaviours do not leave any tell-tale signs behind.

Rachael Claire dog Behaviourist sat at a desk with a laptop and coffee talking to a separation anxiety dog client

It is easy to make things worse. This is why you need a bespoke plan.


a cockapoo with separation anxiety

Craig & Rob, Millie's parents

Rachael’s separation anxiety training has been a game changer in our household!

We have a 2yr old Cockapoo who has had separation issues since she was very young. The behaviour had become so bad that we were not able to leave her alone in the house out of fear of her injuring herself or receiving complaints from the neighbours!


Prior to meeting Rachael we had worked with other trainers who used traditional techniques which were just not working and making matters worse. Since working with Rachael we have seen a huge difference in Millie’s capabilities and her temperament, both in the build up to leaving her and whilst she is being left.


During our first consultation, Rachael assessed Millie's behaviour during our usual ‘leaving routine’ and formulated a plan which started that very same day! The app is really easy to use and allows us to track our progress without deviating from the plan. In fact, the app has also boosted our own morale!


Between consultations, Rachael is available on WhatsApp for support and we still keep in regular touch with progress updates. It’s reassuring to know that if we were to have an ‘off day’ that we’d easily get quick reassurance and feedback. We have just hit our 5 minute target in the space of 6 weeks which far exceeds our own expectation (given previous training methods) and we’re now a lot more confident that we’re on the right path both for Millie and our own sakes!


I’d 100% recommend anyone struggling with separation anxiety to give Rachael a call!


Schedule your free 20 minute Strategy Call  so that we can get to know each other. 


This also gives you the chance to have any queries answered and to make sure that you and your dog want to work with me.


Or if you're ready now, book your chosen programme.


Then we assess your dog's coping alone ability level, this gives you peace of mind that this time you are doing it right from the beginning, saving you stress and time.


You will then be granted access to the exclusive training app where your first exercise will be added.


This takes all of the guesswork that you've been struggling with out of the equation. The plans are all generated for you.


Fortnightly follow up sessions are scheduled to practice the exercises together to keep you on track.

In the meantime you have unlimited WhatsApp help and video analysis along with a new training plan every weekday.


8 weeks - £447

(installment plan available)

  • Vet liaison

  • Initial consultation

  • 3x follow up sessions (1 a fortnight)

  • Access to the exclusive training app

  • Up to 5x bespoke training plans a week

  • Weekday text support

  • Weekday video analysis

  • Milestone certificates

  • Emotional support and encouragement




4 weeks - £247

  • 2x 1-2-1 video consultation

  • Covering all aspects of separation

  • Absence training practice together

  • 4x training videos analysed

  • Milestone certificates




6 months - BEST VALUE - £2197

(installment plan available)​

  • Weekday support for 6 months

  • Vet liaison

  • Initial consultation

  • Fortnightly follow up sessions

  • Access to the exclusive training app

  • Up to 5x bespoke training plans a week

  • Weekday text support

  • Weekday video analysis

  • Milestone certificates 

  • Emotional support and encouragement


Toffee's parents

A whippet with separation anxiety

Rachael is fantastic to work with and uses modern, proven methods to help our dog with separation anxiety. She listened very well to the issues we ran into, and was always available to answer any questions. She was highly empathetic to the special issues that surround separation anxiety in dogs, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with dogs with separation issues anywhere in Europe, as she can help you and your dog remotely.

Hippu's Mum

a dog with separation anxiety

Rachael helped me to work on my dog's severe separation anxiety. Rachael explains your dog's behaviour and how to work on it very well. The exercises are well structured and easy to understand. Rachael's programme is customisable to your and your dogs needs. After 4 weeks I had a very good understanding of my dog's anxiety and how to work on it going forward. Thank you so much Rachael, I really appreciate your help, advice and tips.

The Small Print


Veterinary Referral


All owners signing up for behavioural help must have a referral form completed by their veterinarian. This will be forwarded to you upon booking.


This may mean you need to visit with your dog to have an examination. This will be at the discretion of your veterinarian according to when you last visited and the nature of your last visit.

Underlying illness can hinder progress of a behaviour programme and is a common driver of behavioural problems; your dog should have an examination to include a pain screen, orthopaedic examination, check ears, eyes and all vital signs.

Insurance Claims


If you are planning on claiming for behaviour support through your insurance company you must check this first prior to placing a booking as there are un-refundable charges during the booking process. You must check this, your veterinary surgeon cannot do this for you.

Not all insurance companies will pay out for behaviour and those that do might have restrictions, such as, the professional being a member of a specific organisation.

It is vital you check this first with your insurance company and read the refund policy prior to booking. Should you wish to make a claim to recoup your fees this has to be processed through your veterinary surgery.

My accreditations and professional memberships can be found in my footer and on my About page.

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