Proven and simple separation anxiety technique.

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can make you feel trapped in your own home and void of a social life. I know because I have been through it with my own dog.

There is anxiety involved for all parties; not just your dog, which is why I'm here throughout your intensive programme to guide you through the steps towards your dog's recovery and to offer a shoulder should you need it.

I am also so confident in the training that I offer a GUARANTEE that your dog's tolerance of alone time will at least double in time within the initial 4 weeks. If it doesn't, I'll work with you until it does for free.

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Effectively a state of panic when left alone.


This is extremely upsetting for them, and of course you, which makes the condition very stressful to live with.

Common signs include:

- Barking, crying or howling when alone

- Toileting despite being fully housetrained

- Destructiveness or escape attempts

- Vomiting

- Aggression or trembling while you leave


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What is separation anxiety? 

About your bespoke programme...

You are probably curious and I imagine very worried about what the training entails. Separation anxiety has a stigma attached to it as being a very difficult nut to crack, but the truth is the training really is very simple once you know how. The process can be long, but slow and steady wins the race every time.


The training follows the same principles as human Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which involves gradual exposure to the fear at a level that does not cause anxiety. 

Training is conducted remotely so that the sessions can appear as natural as possible for your dog. Having a stranger come into their domain is always going to throw them off, making practicing alone time even more stressful for them.

As one of only a handful of Separation Anxiety Pro Trainers in the UK you can be assured that your time and money will be well spent. 


Schedule your free 20 minute Discovery Call so that we can get to know each other. 


This also gives you the chance to have any queries answered and to make sure that you and your dog want to work with me.


Book your chosen programme below.


Then we assess your dog's current coping alone ability level, so that we have a baseline for our first training plan. 


You will then be granted access to the exclusive training app where your first  exercise will be added that same day.


Here you can easily view your latest training plan and track your progress.


Weekly sessions are scheduled for Platinum clients to practice the exercises together.

For those on the blended learning course, video assessment and monthly live Zoom Q & A's are included.

Jack & Willow's Story...

Platinum Programme

4 weeks/8 weeks


- Vet liaison

- Initial consultation

- Weekly follow up sessions

- Access to the exclusive training app

- Up to 5x bespoke training plans a week

- Weekday text support

- Weekday video analysis

- Milestone certificates and progress charts

- Lifetime access to the online learning platform

- Access to the online support Community

- Emotional support and encouragement



Blended Learning
4 weeks

-  Lifetime access to the online learning platform

-  Access to the online support Community

- Immediate access to materials

- 3 weeks of free training app access

- Self-study at your own pace

- Upgrade options after completion of the course

**I am so confident that the majority of dogs can at least double their tolerance of alone time in duration during the four week Platinum programme that it comes with a guarantee.
However, all dogs are different, so if your dog doesn't manage to as long as you have followed the T's & C's, I will continue to work with you for free until your dog does double their tolerance.
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"The most useful course I think I have ever been on!"

I have recently completed the separation anxiety course with Rachael. She explains things fully, tells you exactly what to do and exactly what not to do, and the approach is really kind to your dog. She is really encouraging and was so responsive to any questions I had. 

I could not recommend her enough - my dog is the calmest she has ever been with my comings and goings. I’m so grateful to Rachael - I just wish I had come across her sooner!"

Louise, Facebook verified review
Dec 2021