separation anxiety

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can make you feel trapped in your own home and void of a social life. I know because I have been through it with my own dog.


Unfortunately lockdown really hasn't helped both puppies or adult dogs to deal with being left alone and many aren't coping now we are returning back to normal. The good news is that resolving separation anxiety is possible, in fact the rate of 'recovery' is very high if you stick to the programme with commitment.


The process is also very simple and can be drip fed regularly throughout the week. Additionally we work remotely meaning it can be fit around your schedule without upsetting your dog by bringing a stranger into their home, or causing them to be on their best behaviour with a visitor around! The truth is there is no need to have me come round to do any training as it is YOU that they are concerned about leaving.

For dogs under 6 months of age requiring puppy basic training please visit the puppy training page.



8 weeks - £450

The Separation Anxiety Programme offers 8 weeks of unrivalled 121 coaching and support. 

We catch up at least 3x a week via WhatsApp to assess your progress videos and see if we need to tweak or progress the programme. Manageable training plans are then designed and sent throughout the programme to ensure we maintain momentum and work within your dog's current threshold.

 Step 1: Discovery Call  


Book in your free 20 minute discovery call where we will discuss your needs, goals and how I can help you achieve them

 Step 2: Initial Consultation  


The initial consultation allows us to go through your Discovery Questionnaire in detail, have a good chat about your dog's separation issues and assess videos of how they are behaving when alone.


I work on a veterinary referral basis only which enables me to work alongside your vet to diagnose and treat your dog's issues. Therefore, prior to the consultation I liaise with your vet to obtain your dog's medical records and to ensure a recent vet check has been completed.

You will then be provided with some simple techniques to apply to you and your dog's life to start to alleviate the issues straight away.

 Step 3: Getting to work 

Once your initial plan has been designed you can then start putting things into practice. With separation anxiety regular follow ups are essential so that we can gain momentum and ensure we are progressing at the best pace possible.


Bitesized plans are then regularly designed and sent throughout the programme so that you can keep hitting new milestones without feeling overwhelmed.

What you receive:

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Bitesized, manageable training plans sent each week

  • Vet liaison

  • 4x Zoom sessions over 8 weeks

  • Ongoing support via WhatsApp